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Podcasts by our artists and experts on the key themes.

Welcome to Professional Media Presence podcast, your gateway to insightful conversations on the intersection of arts and media, all available through open access. Join us as we delve into key phenomena shaping the creative landscape, exploring themes such as art, media, and accessibility, where we unravel the intricacies of representation and respect.

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In this episode, Roosa Wingström, a PhD student in Economic Geography from the University of Turku, takes us on a journey to explore the evolving landscape of creativity in the era of AI, navigating the intricate relationship between humans and AI in the realms of art, innovation, and development.

Music composed by Ville-Veikko Verha

Duration: 30 min.
Published: 5.12.2023

Podcast cover photo with white backround, horisontal soundback and image of a woman


From Malta to Turku: Building artistic bridges

In this episode, two young versatile artists from Malta, Gabriel Lia and Angela Bettoni, share with us their exciting experience of participating in the PMP workshop in Turku, Finland, in the autumn of 2023.

Music composed by Ville-Veikko Verha.

Duration: 23 min.
Published: 1.2.2024


In this episode we are hosting Karen Briffa, an artist from Malta, who introduces us with an unique art form of pyrography originating from ancient times. She takes us on an interesting journey of her life as an artist, with all of its ups and downs.

Music composed by Ville-Veikko Verha.

Duration: 35 min.
Published: 4.3.2024