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Survey findings: Opportunities and obstacles of using social media as an artist

Earlier this year, we created a quick questionnaire for artists to help us find intersections between art and media. We wanted to understand the opportunities and obstacles of using social media in day-to-day life of an artist.

Thanks to our participants from all over Europe we gathered some interesting insights:
  •  most of the respondents use social media on a daily basis or occasionally
  •  61.5% choose Instagram as the best option to promote their work
  •  80% of them believe that social media helps artists not to depend on galleries
  •  glad to hear that everyone wants to learn the proper way of using social media for professional purposes.

Our respondents find it difficult to create meaningful content, or to stay up to date with new features, trends and platforms.
Artists need help with finding the right audience and a way to stand out from other artists on social media.
Thanks to our participants we are one step closer to offer you good quality content through PMP project, which can help you further develop your career and use digital media in a more effective way.
Thank you for your cooperation!