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Online Seminar 7.9.2023 - Media and Art


PMP project is happy to invite you to the first PMP Online Seminar!

The theme of the seminar is Media and Art and it is packed with interesting, engaging and interactive presentations from recognised experts in their field. Event is open for all. 

The seminar offers four outstanding, highly talented, professional artist speakers, representing a diverse cross section of the arts including performance art, dance, music, and film.  They are joined in dialogue and exchange with our own Turku Arts Academy’s staff members, who are also recognized in their own right with regards to their professional creative profiles.

You will hear the real stories from our speakers professional careers, including the challenges as well as the successes they have experienced related to “Media and Art”. This will not be a day filled with slide shows but an engaging and hopefully interactive happening!!!!

Time: Thursday 7.9.2023 at 9-16 CET.

Place: Online 

Registration Required.  Click on this link:

By participating in this ZOOM event you consent to Turku UAS to record the event for future public dissemination.


Programme 7.9.2023

Please note, all times are CET!

9:00 – 9:15 CET
Welcome Words and Introduction
David Yoken, Master of Arts in Music, Senior Lecturer at Turku Arts Academy (Turku University of Applied Sciences, Finland)

9:15 – 10:15 CET
Basics of different media forums, their brief history and current state in relation to art and artistry
Mari Kämäräinen, Visual and Performance Artist
with Suvi Lehtinen, Producer-Curator at Turku Arts Academy (Turku UAS, Finland)

10:30 – 11:30 CET
How is art represented in media, how do artists use media and what possibilities are there?
Mikko Makkonen, Dancer, Choreographer, Artist-Teacher, Dance Theatre Minimi’s Co-Artistic and Co-Managing Director
with Milla Järvipetäjä, Senior Lecturer at Turku Arts Academy (Turku UAS, Finland)

13:00 – 14:00 CET
How do we as artists need to adapt to changes in media platforms and why should we?
Teemu Mastovaara, Composer
with Timo Korhonen, Principle Music Lecturer at the Turku Arts Academy (Turku UAS, Finland)

14:30 – 15:30 CET
Practicing artists working in media: Challenges and successes
Selma Vilhunen, Film Director, Screenwriter, one of the Founders of Tuffi Films
with Marko Lukkonen, Senior Lecturer in Film Studies at the Turku Arts Academy (Turku UAS, Finland)

15:30 – 16:00 CET
Wrap Up


Online Seminars are the starting point and basis for the work in the following National Artist Teams´(NATs) Workshops Weeks. It all ties in together, different activies supporting each other and helping deepen the digital presence understanding and skills for artists with fewer opportunities. 

There will be altogether 5 Online Seminars, so watch this space! The seminars are open to all. 


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Photo: Espronceda / Vitor Schietti



Head lecturer David YokenDavid Yoken is a Senior Music Lecturer at the Turku Arts Academy. He began his career touring internationally as a musician with the New York City based Laura Dean Dancers and Musicians. He develops projects related to artistic practice, community-based arts activities, and the STEAM approach to environmental education. He has lectured on the performing arts and cross-interdisciplinary arts education around the world, e.g. in 1991 at the former Soviet State Theatre Academy in Moscow, U.S.S.R. about contemporary American art. For 24 years (1998 – 2022), Yoken led Nordic Council of Ministers’ funded NORDPLUS Higher Education and Horizontal projects that brought together arts and science students, teachers, and researchers from Nordic and Baltic region universities, schools, NGOs and municipalities. He has coordinated Erasmus + and Creative Europe projects related to arts, media and expanding audience accessibility.  Yoken is the PMP Chief Content Officer. LinkedIn





Artist Mari Kämäräinen

Mari Kämäräinen (b.1987 Vaala, Finland) is a visual artist who lives and works in Turku, Finland. She studied art in the Turku Arts Academy from which she graduated in 2015. Kämäräinen works in the field of performance, drawing and installations. She works alone and also in collaboration with other artists of various fields. Kämäräinen does multidisciplinary art collaboration with Northern Opera Company in her birth region of Northern Ostrobothnia. Together with Hannu Seppälä she has produced various art works and exhibitions. They participated in projects such as Book of Rooms, which received the Finnish State Prize for Performing Arts in 2021. Website






Producer-Kurator Suvi LehtinenSuvi Lehtinen currently works as Producer-Curator at Turku UAS. She was previously Lecturer in Exhibition Studies and Spatiality at University of the Arts, Helsinki. Before moving back to Finland Lehtinen ran her own gallery/project space in Berlin and has curated exhibitions in Germany, Sweden, France, United Kingdom, USA and Mexico. She earned a Master of Arts in Political Science from City University of New York, Graduate Center, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Art History and a Master of Arts in Cultural Studies from Goldsmiths College, London. For the PMP Online Seminar, Suvi is dialoging with PMP Guest Presenter Mari Kämäräinen. LinkedIn






Dancer Mikko MakkonenMikko Makkonen (b. 1988) works as a dancer-choreographer, a dance teacher and the second artistic director of Dance Theatre Minimi based in Kuopio. Makkonen graduated with a MA in Dance Performance from the UniArts Helsinki Theatre Academy in 2015 and with a dance teacher degree from the Turku Arts Academy in 2013. His dance background is in breaking, with which he has performed and competed at the national and international level. As a guest dancer, Makkonen has worked at, among others, the Finnish National Ballet, Tero Saarinen Company, Helsinki City Theatre, Kinetic Orchestra contemporary dance group and Pori Dance Company.  Makkonen’s choreographic work has been seen in freelance productions, Kuopio City Theatre, Dance Theatre Minimi and Zodiak – Center for New Dance. Website





Milla JärvipetäjäMilla Järvipetäjä, M.Soc.Sc., is a Research Group Leader and Lecturer in Media Education at Turku UAS. She is focused on pedagogical development and project management in media, culture and event management context. She develops online pedagogy and teaches mainly online. In addition, she is strongly involved in education export. Järvipetäjä has been a project manager in versatile national and international projects e.g. in Digitopia which creates innovations within the digital media and in Flux Aura, the most extensive public art project among the Turku European Capital of Culture. She has strong expertise as project manager, coordinator and producer in the fields of culture and media.  For the PMP Online Seminar, Milla is dialoging with PMP Guest Presenter Mikko Makkonen. LinkedIn






Musician Teemu MastovaaraTeemu Mastovaara is a Turku-based cellist and composer. His artistic practice combines heartfelt cello music with electroacoustic and experimental sounds, exploring questions related to e.g. life and death. Mastovaara builds Max/MSP patches to expand his cello playing. In an effort to make his compositions more easily approachable, he likes to include ways for the audience to interact with his works. His works have been performed at, for example, WeW!, Musica Nova and Helsinki Festival. At UNM in Piteå he was joined on stage by Norrbotten NEO. He is a member of Ensemble for New Music Tallinn and has performed as a soloist with the Turku Philharmonic Orchestra and Collegium Musicum Turku. He is a member of the Society of Finnish Composers and a holds degrees from Turku UAS, Turku University, and Contemporary Performance and Composition, an international master’s programme with academic terms in Tallinn, Stockholm, Lyon and Hamburg. Website





Guitar artist Timo KorhonenTimo Korhonen is an artist and educator who has performed in over thirty countries. He is the winner of the Cannes Classical Award for Best Concerto Recording in 2003, and he remains the youngest ever winner of the Munich Competition (ARD Wettbewerb) in 1982, at the age of 17. Korhonen has premiered over a hundred works dedicated to him, including compositions by Leo Brouwer, Toshio Hosokawa, and Magnus Lindberg. In addition to the aforementioned achievements, Korhonen has recorded 18 albums for the Ondine label, which have received recognition such as the Gramophone Recommends 2007 and two YLE (Finnish Broadcasting Company) Record of the Year awards. As an educator, Korhonen worked at the Sibelius Academy from 1989 to 1999, as a principal lecturer at the Turku Arts Academy since 1996 and as a visiting professor at the State Conservatory of Florence from 2005 to 2006. Currently Korhonen serves as the responsible teacher for the Music Pedagogy Master’s program at Turku Arts Academy. For the PMP Online Seminar, Korhonen is dialoging with PMP Guest Presenter Teemu Mastovaara. Website





Film-maker Selma VilhunenSelma Vilhunen is an Academy Award nominated director and screenwriter of both fiction and documentary films. She is also one of the founders of the production company Tuffi Films. Her sophomore feature film Stupid Young Heart won the Crystal Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2019, while her debut feature film Little Wing received the Nordic Council Film Prize in 2017. Vilhunen’s short film Do I Have to Take Care of Everything? was nominated for an Oscar in 2014. Her latest film Four Little Adults had its world premiere at the International Film Festival Rotterdam in 2023. Actor Alma Pöysti was awarded with the Dragon Award for Best Acting for her role as Juulia in Four Little Adults at the Gothenburg Film Festival. The film will have its Finnish theatrical release in December 2023. Website






Film-maker Marko LuukkonenMarko Luukkonen is a senior lecturer in film and media department at Turku Arts Academy.  He has a Master of Fine Arts in cinematography (Aalto University, 2012). He has worked as a cinematographer and filmmaker in visionary, essayistic, documentary and fictional films. He has also worked in the field of visual arts and participated in exhibitions.  He is a key person of  Turku UAS film department curriculum design and Chairman of Turku UAS Production House Carousel. He is widely networked with Finnish national film industry.  His research interests include new technologies in filmmaking and time based media art. For the PMP Online Seminar, Luukkonen is dialoging with PMP Guest Presenter Selma Vilhunen. Website