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Online Seminar 29.1.2024: Online Media & Digital Storytelling

Online in Zoom
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Welcome to PMP Online Seminar:
Me, myself and AI: Digital narratives and the world-making in the arts.


Unlocking the power of expression: Join our Online Seminar on artistic narratives and master the art of digital inclusive communication!

In these engaging presentations from experts in their field you can hear and learn about practical tips on accessible media work (image, text, video, social media), the Japanese storytelling format Pecha Kucha and  an artist´s relationship between the different possible narratives of the body and technological landscape.


Time: 29.01.2024 at 10.00 – 13.00 (CET)

Place: Online in Zoom

Registration required: By registering to the seminar, you will get the Zoom-link.



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Programme 29.1.2024

Please note, all times are in in CET


10.00 – 10.15  CET

Welcome words and introduction

Anni Sundbacka, Lecturer of Turku Arts Academy (Turku University of Applied Sciences, Finland)

Giuseppe Esposito, Director of Perypezye Urbane (Perypezye Urbane ETS)



10.15 – 11.40 CET

Accessible on-line communication

Holger Dieterich, Board Member and Product Manager, Sozialhelden (Social Heroes), Germany

In this engaging session creativity meets accessibility and we delve into the realms of practical tips for crafting accessible media across various platforms, covering the intricate aspects of image, text, video, and social media. Discover the art of working with color and contrast to enhance inclusivity, unravel the secrets of making social media content accessible to all, and explore indispensable tools for evaluating the accessibility of websites. Join us as we equipe you with valuable insights and tips for designing visually accessible video meetings, ensuring that your digital presence is both captivating and inclusive.


11.40 – 12.10 CET

Pecha-Kucha: how to tell a story through images

Wolfgang Jütte, Professor at the University of Bielefeld, Germany

In this presentation you will learn how to create a Pecha Kucha, which means “Chit chat” in Japanese. It  is a storytelling format where presenters tell their stories in 6 minutes and 40 seconds, through 20 slides with 20 seconds of commentary for each.


12.20 – 12.50 CET

My life as seen by an AI

Marcelo Doño, choreographer and performer, Germany

In this session we will talk informally with Marcelo, member of the Italian Artist Team within the PMP project. During the talk we’ll delve deep into their artistic practice and specifically into the relationship between the different possible narratives of the body and an always more present technological landscape.



Headshot of a man in light blue t-shirtHolger Dieterich is a board member and product manager at German based organization called The Social Heroes. They raise awareness among people, institutions and companies of the need to consider people with disabilities as a target group for a wide range of products and services and to involve them at an early stage. In many  cases, people are hindered by barriers and not by their wheelchair or blindness. The removal of barriers and the resulting new accessibility is a human right that not only benefits people with disabilities. With a little courage and entrepreneurial spirit, organisations can create great added value – for themselves and for a diverse society.




Headshot of a man in black shirt and glassesWolfgang Jütte works, since 2009, as a Professor of Educational Science at the University of Bielefeld. He is specializing in lifelong learning and cooperative learning. During 2005-2008 Jütte worked as the Professor of Lifelong learning Research at the University Krems. His current research topics are: Co-operation and network research, International adult education, Pedagogical professionalism and Scientific continuing education.






Headshot of a man with pink hairMarcelo Doño is a Hamburg-based choreographer and performer, originally born in Argentina. His multidisciplinary art practice situates itself at the intersection of dance, media art and philosophy. At the heart of his research is a continuous exploration on questions of identity, body and (self-)biography. Through research journeys, heuristic experiments and hybrid performances, Doño appropriates technologies of our daily usage to explore alternative ways of translating of the body and device narratives to imagine new futures. Since 2018, Doño has been producing his own works and, since 2021, has been developing as a choreographer and movement director an ongoing collaboration with the queer Austrian immersive theater ensemble “Nesterval”. His artistic practice focuses on observing and questioning the contemporary world using hybrid and interdisciplinary constellations. He explores the aesthetics of the queer body, the body interphase and the post-digital body.



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