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Round 2: Open Call for National Artist Teams 11.8.-15.10.2023


The call has now closed. Thank you for all the applications!

We will contact selected artists personally.


Jump on-board to learn how to make better use of digital media in moving ahead with your artistic career. 

National Artist Teams (NATs) are first and foremost artists focused on collaborating inside their local/regional groups and as importantly between the 7 PMP partners’ artists located in 6 different EU countries. They exist as collectives, gatherings, or interest groups for these artists and others who wish to learn, share, have conversations and co-create together with other artists.

NATs consist of artists who are interested in the international development of their careers, despite not having as many opportunities for their career development as some others. They are artists with diverse backgrounds, including those with fewer opportunities (due to e.g. minority status, societal, financial, or geographical challenges, disability, ethnicity or any other reason).

Project activities and way of working

We will select 4-20 artist from each participating country´s PMP partner/s (Finland, Italy, Croatia, Slovakia, Spain and Malta). After the selection, all NATs are invited to join online-seminars and are eligible to apply to 4  workshop weeks organized in 4 different countries during the 3-year project. Each workshop week will have 4 artist participating from each country. Participants travel, accommodation and food costs are covered and a per diem or honorarium will be paid. All workshop participants can apply for 2-month residency for working on the toolkit and their own creative work. Selected residency participants will be supported by an honorarium.

Workshops, online seminars and all other project activities are built on five themes:

  1. Media & Art
  2. Online Media & Digital Storytelling
  3. Social Media & Media Readership
  4. Future Media
  5. Media Professional Identity.

National Artist Teams gather monthly to discuss art, current topical issues, to co-create, to learn from one another and expert lectures, to share a meal, positive energy and peer-support. The final structure and content of the NAT gatherings will be decided by the artists themselves. At the end of the PMP project, an international, multi-media and multi-art exhibition will take place simultaneously in 6 locations around Europe. All NAT artists will get an opportunity to showcase their art at the exhibition.

Workshop Weeks around Europe

The NAT members are eligible to apply to the Professional Media Presence Workshop Weeks. The travelling, accommodation and food will be supported for these weeks, and a per diem or honorarium will be paid to the artists. At these Workshop Weeks, NAT members will have the opportunity to collaborate with the NATs from other project countries. They will create methods and raw material for the PMP Toolkit. The Workshop Week participants are eligible to apply for one of the five 2-month residencies that will take place in one of the following: Southern Finland, Italy, Northern Finland, Spain, CroatiaThe participating artists will get to develop the toolkit materials further, as well as work on their own art. For these residencies, the selected NATs will be supported with a honorarium.

NAT Open Call 11.8.- 15.10.2023

Individual artists can become a part of the NAT by applying via an Open Call during 11.8.-15.10.2023. The Open Call document is a questionnaire, with some basic questions and places for uploading annexes or attaching links.


NAT Open Call Criteria

You can apply if you:

  •  are motivated to participate in the project
  • are willing to grow professionally
  • show artistic potential
  • articulate in your motivation letter your interest and commitment to work in a collaborative/ multidisciplinary manner in NAT to demonstrate willingness to work and connect with others
  • are willing to share your own artistic and/or life experiences with others
  • are interested in using digital media professionally
  • have sufficient understanding of the English language. The PMP working language is English, so sufficient proficiency in English is required
  • are over 18 years of age.

Selected applicants will be informed about the results of the selection by 10.11.2023.

Artistic work and copyrights in NATs

The ownership, copyright and Intellectual Property Right (IPR) of the artistic work created in PMP stays with the artists, with a right to publish this work as a part of PMP outcomes (e.g. toolkit). Any creations will not be shared or published without permission from the artist. With all legal and contractual questions, including the ownership, copyright and Intellectual Property Right (IPR) issues, the project will follow firstly the laws of Europe and their country, secondly the Grant Agreement done with EACEA, and thirdly the Professional Media Presence Co-operation Agreement.