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Empowering Creativity in the Digital Age

Photo: Eliška Kondelíková

Authors: Kati Koivunen, Marjo Jussila and Panu Pohjola  

In today’s interconnected world, digital media has become an indispensable tool for artists across all disciplines. From visual arts to music, literature to film, the integration of digital technology has revolutionized the way creators conceptualize, produce, and disseminate their work. The prevalence of social media platforms, online galleries, and digital distribution channels underscores the profound impact of the digital age on the artistic landscape.

Studies on the creative sector (Hoedemaekers, 2018; Schörpf et al., 2017) demonstrate a significant shift towards digital media environments for artistic expression and consumption. According to a recent survey (Mattila, 2022), a growing number of Finnish artists rely on digital tools and platforms to showcase their work and connect with audiences worldwide. Moreover, digital technology has empowered artists of all backgrounds to express themselves in new and innovative ways, transcending geographical and cultural boundaries. Yet, amid this digital renaissance, artists face challenges such as keeping pace with digital well-being (Archetti, n.d.), tensions between art and commerce (Preece & Kerrigan, 2015) paradox between artist authenticity and branding, changes in identity (Kucharska & Mikolajczak, 2018).

It is within this context that initiatives like the Professional Media Presence (PMP) project emerge as beacons of innovation and opportunity.

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