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Media and Art Online Seminar - watch the presentations here

Professional Media Presence project organised it´s first Online Seminar on the theme Media and Art on 7.9.2023. It was organised and hosted by Turku UAS´s Arts Academy. Close to 200 participants joined in for a day packed with interesting, engaging and interactive presentations from recognised experts in their field. 

If you missed the presentation or want to return to these sessions, you can watch all the presentation here. Hope you´ll find these interesting and inspiring.


Watch the presentations


Welcome Words and Introduction  
David Yoken, Master of Arts in Music, Senior Lecturer at Turku Arts Academy (Turku UAS, Finland)

Basics of different media forums, their brief history and current state in relation to art and artistry
Mari Kämäräinen, Visual and Performance Artist
with Suvi Lehtinen, Producer-Curator at Turku Arts Academy (Turku UAS)

How is art represented in media, how do artists use media and what possibilities are there?
Mikko Makkonen, Dancer, Choreographer, Artist-Teacher, Dance Theatre Minimi’s Co-Artistic and Co-Managing Director
with Milla Järvipetäjä, Senior Lecturer at Turku Arts Academy (Turku UAS, Finland)

How do we as artists need to adapt to changes in media platforms and why should we?
Teemu Mastovaara, Composer
with Timo Korhonen, Principle Music Lecturer at the Turku Arts Academy (Turku UAS)

Practicing artists working in media: Challenges  & successes
Selma Vilhunen, Film Director, Screenwriter, one of the Founders of Tuffi Films
with Marko Lukkonen, Senior Lecturer in Film Studies at the Turku Arts Academy (Turku UAS)


About the event

You can find more info about the speakers on the event site: Online Seminar 7.9.2023 (Turku)


More to come!

Online Seminars are the starting point and basis for the work in the following National Artist Teams´(NATs) Workshops Weeks. It all ties in together, different activies supporting each other and helping deepen the digital presence understanding and skills for artists with fewer opportunities. There will be altogether 5 Online Seminars, so 4 more to go! The seminars are open to all.